The Pain Cure Clinic coaching program goes well beyond the information provided in Dr. John Sarno's books to provide a complete solution to healing.*


Two 1.5-Hour Coaching Sessions by Phone, Skype, or In-Person (Boulder, CO)

1.        The first session is a deep dive into your personal story to discover what is actually causing the chronic pain. You will discover how your mind and body are colluding to create the pain and then how to stop it.

2.        The second session is the development of a specific action plan to permanently stop the chronic pain. This plan is customized for each client and goes well beyond anything you might have read in one of Dr. Sarno’s books. When you are finished, you will be able to follow a success formula and finally stop the chronic pain!


• A Summary of your Action Plan
• John’s Book - Perfectly Pain Free



Two Full Days of Pain-Free Coaching in Boulder, Colorado

If you’ve been suffering from chronic pain for years without relief, this total immersion option may be just the catalyst you need to stop the pain and live the life you deserve!

This is the complete package: two days of one-on-one interaction with coaches who have all cured themselves (and lots of other people) of chronic pain. The program expedites the healing process – accomplishing in two days what might otherwise take months or years. The combination of mental and physical training may even allow you to start getting better while you are here!


• A Summary of your Action Plan
• John’s Book - Perfectly Pain Free
• Complete How-To Guide - Step by Step On-Line Course
• TMS Journal
• 30 Days of Positive Text Messages
• Soft Tissue Relaxation Guide
• TMS Mediation Video
• 40 Days of Mind-Body Inspiration Booklet
• A 30-Day, One-Hour Follow-up Coaching Session (remote, as needed)


Increae your physicality

"I read Sarno's books several times and really bought into the diagnosis but couldn't make the pain stop. The books helped a little bit, but not much really. After my first two coaching sessions with the Pain Cure Clinic, my pain was reduced by 85% to 90%. It was well worth the it. I got my life back again." * 

- Ron Wisemore

* Individual results may vary.