One On One Coaching


Benefit from our own experience and lessons learned from hundreds of clients by arranging private coaching sessions with John or Laura. The first two sessions are 1.5 hours each:

Session #1
We start with a deep dive into your background and current circumstances to connect the dots as to what’s causing your pain. Then we work on your complete rejection of a medical diagnosis & your acceptance of a Tension Myositis Syndrome diagnosis -including a review of the physiology of how the pain is created. We also explore the connection between your personality type and your pain. This establishes the foundation for changing your belief system about your chronic pain.

Session #2
Based on the information covered in session #1, we craft a practical action plan to rehabilitate your mind and body (typically a 90-day process) to cure your chronic pain!

These two sessions provide everything you need to begin healing. After your 2nd session you will receive:

• A summary of your Action Plan
• Our Perfectly Pain Free E-book
• Optional text affirmations for 30 days
• Link to a meditation video

For questions or to schedule, please contact us.