Two Day Coaching


If you have the time and the means, please consider coming to Boulder for a true immersive, two-day coaching session. It's the fastest way to becoming pain free because it allows us to address all three aspects of recovery directly in person. 

In our face to face coaching sessions in Boulder, we're able to deep dive into all topics in an extended version of the coaching program. Sometimes clients have multiple layers of tension stretching back for decades that have been causing multiple health issues that have also been going on for decades. We can work through all of it and connect the dots between emotion and pain. Once the belief is changed, the healing begins. 

Boulder is a beautiful small town at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. It has great views, great restaurants, and is regularly rated as the healthiest city in the United States. The weather is surprisingly mild year round because of lower elevation. Boulder has more sunny days per year than San Diego! In other words, it’s a great place to relax and recharge. We recommend multiple means of reducing tension while you are here, including massage, yoga, and meditation.

The coaching sessions will provide you with a long-term plan for stress reduction at home. However, the Boulder pain cure program will be an immediate relaxer. You're going to love it!

We find that most people with chronic pain have reduced or eliminated physical activity because of the pain. Many times, a fear has been manufactured by the medical community that you "better stop exercising before you hurt yourself". Getting beyond the fear and pain is both difficult and absolutely necessary to become free of pain. Our Boulder coaching program will help you break through the fear and the pain to prove to yourself that there's nothing really wrong with you. We will guide you through physical activity as well as soft tissue tension reduction. Hikes in the mountains are one of our favorite ways to both reduce tension and increase physicality.

Two Day Coaching Photo

• 10 hours of one-on-one coaching with John and Laura
• Our Perfectly Pain Free E-book
• Optional text affirmations for 30 days
• Link to a meditation video


• On-site sessions are booked on two consecutive days; Monday-Friday.
• Ideally, you will stay in Boulder a minimum of three nights - arriving the day prior to the first day of your program and departing the day after your second session.

For questions or to schedule, please contact us.