The Pain Cure Clinic was literally created through trial by fire, as we and loved ones tried desperately to find a way out of chronic pain. Frustrated by a medical community entrenched in treating symptoms, but not the root cause of our pain, we starting looking for another answer — and found it with the Tension Myositis Syndrome (TMS) diagnosis and treatment. Our coaching program is based on the principles of Dr. John Sarno - updated with a more tangible and practical approach that incorporates general wellness. Anyone who has struggled with chronic pain knows that it overshadows everything else in your life, which is why our goal with every client isn't to "manage" your pain, but to cure it! We invite you to explore this website for more information and contact us to get started!

John Thornton
Health Coach

John Thornton is the nation’s premier author, speaker, and coach on the topic of curing chronic pain.  John has worked with hundreds of people suffering from all sorts of chronic pain and associated conditions. He has documented his own struggle with chronic back pain and miracle recovery in his new book - Perfectly Pain Free. John travels the country and speaks to audiences about how the medical community has got the diagnosis and treatment of chronic pain all wrong. John and Laura have developed a cutting edge program for eliminating pain without the need for medical treatment. While the program is still in its infancy, it is attracting attention and has won high praise from clients all over the world. John combines his love for fitness and healthy living with his background in personal coaching to create a strategy that attacks the pain problem for all angles.

While running in Florida in 2012, John experienced instantaneous lower back pain. He tried all traditional methods (except surgery) to correct the problemto no avail. The pain was chronic from that point on. John had to stop running on the advice of his doctors, got hooked on pain killers, and his wholelife was changed for the worse. The chronic pain continued on for about 2.5 years until a casual lunch conversation with a physician for whom John was doing business consulting. John mentioned his back problem to David Siroospour MD - general surgeon. Dr. Siroospour mentioned John Sarno, recommended The Mind Body Prescription, and later after reviewing MRI results, diagnosed John Thornton with Tension Myositis Syndrome. That was the day the healing began.


Laura Heidrich
Health Coach

Laura Heidrich began her struggle with chronic pain when she was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) as young woman. Refusing to accept the limitations recommended by physicians, she remained active, obtaining her degree in Business from the University of Central Florida. Developing an early interest in the medical field, Laura did her summer internship at Orlando Regional Medical Center (now called Orlando Health).

Through many doctor’s appointments, diagnostic tests and the search for an effective treatment for her RA, Laura became her own health care advocate – questioning traditional methods, taking as little medication as possible and noticing a strong correlation between her tension level and her pain.

Laura was introduced to Tension Myositis Syndrome (TMS) by a chance viewing of John Stossel’s interview of Dr. John Sarno on the news program, 20/20. She finally had a name for her true condition – all the dots connected between her experience and a TMS diagnosis. Her doctor was not convinced, of course, so Laura submitted a letter taking responsibility for the decision to stop medication.

Laura had one more RA flare-up following a very stressful life event, but was able to rebound quite quickly with another round of TMS self-coaching. This time, Laura’s Rheumatologist said “you’re on a very low dose of your medication – and have no pain, I’m not sure how you did this, but you’re in remission.”, but Laura felt strongly that her RA was gone for good…and has no recurrence of RA symptoms for many years!

Laura’s early bout with chronic pain made her acutely aware of the importance of good overall health – leading her to become a “quasi-expert” on healthy eating, fitness and stress reduction techniques. She also recognizes that some of her personality traits (perfectionism, a tendency to worry and “be good”) have a dark side – inducing a high stress level if allowed to run rampant. She says “you can’t change your entire personality and wouldn’t want to, but there’s a lot you can do to keep the worry wart inside of you from running the show."

In 2015, Laura and her partner, John, relocated to Boulder, Colorado from Orlando, Florida – the mountains called, as did the health conscious community. Laura is thrilled that there are dozens of hiking trails, yoga studios and wonderful food available – all within walking distance.


Kelly McConnell
Soft Tissue Specialist

Kelly McConnell, a Certified Yoga and Massage Therapist at Fit & Mindful, will help you unwind tension that has been created through daily stress. Chronic pain starts in the mind, but “lives” in the body, so it’s important to work on reducing tension mentally and physically.

The many benefits include: mental clarity, less anxiety, decreased muscular soreness, tight ligaments and joint stiffness, restored energy, better circulation throughout the body, deep relaxation, greater mind-body awareness, and increased strength.

The Pain Cure Clinic is truly a labor of love born out of personal experience and backed up by clients John and Laura have helped to date. Their goal is to make sure that the TMS diagnosis and treatment are no longer a best-kept secret – life is much too short to live with chronic pain.