Dr. Aziz Gazipura of Portland Oregon tells his story of a lifetime of chronic pain starting at age 15 and his journey to
becoming pain free. 

If you are skeptical as to whether the Mind/Body connection is real, make sure to watch this video.*

Dr. Aziz Gazipura
Portland, OR

Kirby, 24
Information Technology
Back Pain

“I can’t express how grateful I am that I found Pain Cure Clinic. Thank you so much for everything!! I’m doing great! I’ve been following my action plan and been back to exercising regularly. We ended up going on our trip to England and I actually played a pick-up game of soccer there for the first time since last fall and it felt great. I still have some moments of discomfort, but nothing close to what I used to feel and I’m able to get myself feeling better during those times.” *

Tony, 52
New York
Back Pain

"I’ve been doing great and, anytime TMS tries to get me, I look at what’s been going on (in my life). I now have the knowledge and can pinpoint what it is and the pain goes away. It also helps that I’m not afraid of the pain anymore and when it tries to come on, I will stay in the position that’s most painful until it leaves.” *

John, 42
New Jersey
Investment Banker
Back and chest pain and various other TMS conditions

“I’m all good and progressing well towards my goals - thanks to John and Laura!” *

Sarah, 54
Speech Pathologist

“I'm doing well. Despite a challenging environment here, I am sticking with the process. I'm symptom-free and know when something starts up in my body to think psychological.” *

Dan, 40
Back Pain

“The key for me was exercise and a willingness to challenge the pain with daily CrossFit training - consistently proving to myself that there is nothing structurally wrong with my body.” *

Mark, 59
Professor of Economics
Eczema, gastrointestinal problems, allergies, tinnitus, plantar fasciitis

“I experienced symptoms from multiple conditions (that I now recognize at TMS for years). Although it’s only been a couple of months, I’m getting real results. This is important work you guys are doing.” *

Barbara, 66
Massage Therapist
Hip, leg and foot pain, tendonitis, GI problems

“The biggest change I’ve noticed is how nice it is not to have any fear about the stomach issues or the bodily pains. It’s really made a huge difference. No more trying to figure out what’s ‘wrong' with me!" *

Gina, 51
Victim Advocate
Back, hip and leg pain

“I’m doing amazing!! It’s been 2 weeks now with NO PAIN!!!” *

John, 63
Medical Supply Sales
Back pain

"I struggled to stay better - until I instituted a regular schedule of going to the gym. Now the pain is gone for good!” *

Don, 70
Car Dealerships Owner
Back pain

“After coaching with John, I was cured immediately. Powerful stuff!” *

Liz, 55
Back pain, feet/leg issues, Osteoarthritis throughout spine; lock jaw, carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches, ulcers

"I’m changing jobs to a company I’ve always wanted to work for. Lifting (weights) 3-4 days a week and joined a kickboxing gym. And I tossed the Gabapentin shortly after my last session. You’ve been tremendous and I wouldn’t have my life back if it wasn’t for the Pain Cure Clinic and Dr. Sarno!" *

Denise, 57
Occupational Therapist
Hip Pain

“This is me earlier this month during my 7-day trek of the Himalayas in Nepal! I followed your plan — did a lot of reading, got myself a therapist to address the last several years of family traumas, continued to work out 4-5 days per week (but stepped up the intensity) and started meditating. Thank you for helping me achieve this victory!!!” *

Stephanie, 34
Back glute and hip pain, TMJ, anxiety and panic attacks, stomach upset

“I am feeling back to normal for the first time since the pain began. It really was and is a matter of "observing" my stress/emotions gently rather than "bearing" or repressing them. I'm grateful to say the very least.” *

Matthew, 39
New York
Back pain/sciatica

“All is great here. Feeling very good. Keeping up with the journal and mediation time. Thanks for helping me get back to life! Got to take the boys to the ski slope too.” *

Steven, 62
Pastor/Community Development/Leadership Training
Back pain, tinnitus, Eustachian (ear) tube dysfunction

“I’m now running three times per week, after not being able to run since the 90’s. I hiked over 2 miles on a rugged, rocky trail after not being able to hike since 2004. And I’ve just started lifting weights again three times per week. Exercise is a must! Also, I’ve been on two airplane rides and multiple trips up and down the mountain with no (ear/head) pain at all!” *

Patrick, 37
Hair Stylist
Back, shoulder and hip pain

“I had the kind of pain that not only would have ended my career but, for all intents and purposes, my life. The Pain Cure Clinic helped me turn things around. I still have days where my back will feel tense, but I know how to deal with it. For me it was a hard and long journey. But it was and is worth it.” *

Rob, 55
Management Consultant
Back pain/sciatica

“I returned a few hours ago from my trip to play golf with my business school friends. My body did well and I was able to endure the 6-hour drive both ways and 18 holes of golf on Friday and Saturday! What a joy to be able to have such an enjoyable time! I had to miss last year because I was in so much pain. Golf was unthinkable a year ago. Your counsel and encouragement was extremely important in all of this!” *

Don, 72
Retired Business Owner
Back pain

“This coaching validated the mind-body work I’d been doing for years, put it into action and I finally got better!” *

Tom, 81
Retired Business Consultant and Author
Back, neck, shoulder and hip pain

“My working with John and Laura started in mid-September and I was pretty much pain free by early December. Not only is my lower back pain free, so are my hips, my shoulder, and my neck. This stuff works!” *

Leanne, 55
Real Estate Development
Back and neck pain, sleep apnea, anxiety

“Got my hike in yesterday with my son, on a gorgeous day! We went about 4.25 miles...and my FitBit tells me I climbed the equivalent of 81 floors...so about 800-900 increase in elevation – now it’s time to use the foam roller!” *

Bharat, 23
Software Engineer
Back pain

“During coaching, I revealed that my real dream is to become a stand-up comic. I started practicing my craft at open mike nights — with a big smile on my face. And I have no pain!” *

Radio City Rockette - Alyssa Lynn Epstein saved her career and saved her life.

Thank you Dr. Sarno.

* Individual results may vary.