"I read Sarno's book and I totally bought into his concepts. However, I needed help to make it happen. Laura’s coaching helped me do what I could not get done on my own. I’m now free of pain” * Joe L - Atlanta

Tension Myositis Syndrome is a condition whereby negative emotions and subconscious tension produce real physiological chronic pain. The TMS diagnosis was created by John Sarno MD. Dr. Sarno has written several books about chronic pain and he is the patriarch of the modern mind body medicine community.

However, many chronic pain sufferers who have read Sarno’s books lament that they do not contain a complete plan for recovery, just good general information. Most people find it difficult to cure themselves based solely on the books. That’s where the Pain Cure Clinic comes in.

While we do not offer medical treatment or medical advice, we do offer health coaching that is a complete program for helping you cure chronic pain. PCC has created a solid plan for eliminating chronic pain. Most people find that just talking with someone who understands what they are going through is invaluable and that collaboration can kickstart the healing process. Because the medical community believes the problem is structural, it's essential to have someone substantiate what you are experiencing. You are not crazy. TMS is real. The Pain Cure Clinic believes (as Dr. Sarno believes) that if you have TMS, medical treatment is unnecessary and ineffective. TMS is cured by changing your belief system and reducing your level of anxiety, stress, anger, and tension. You need information beyond Sarno’s books and you need support. Our coaching program may be the best, fastest, and most convenient way to get the information necessary, change beliefs, and cure the pain. *

Our Pain Cure Coaching process starts with you. We will find out all about you and your background to help you discover why you are in pain. Next, we will set a solid foundation for helping you change your belief system about your pain. We have both mental and physical components to the coaching process. Our coaching is inspired by Dr. Sarno but our process is much more comprehensive, more structured, more contemporary, and more physical. The coaching process is quick, straightforward, and so far proved to be very effective. We have helped many people become pain free. This process really works. People really cure themselves with our help. *

The Pain Free Process includes five components:

  1. Examination of background, personality, and chronic conditions
  2. Rejection of the Medical Diagnosis
  3. Acceptance of the Tension Myositis Syndrome Diagnosis
  4. Mental Training to change your belief system about you and your pain
  5. Physical Training to prove to yourself that there is nothing structurally wrong with you
  6. Get Started

Our mission is to get you pain free as quickly as possible. * Let’s get started!

* Individual results may vary.